Voteice is a monetized global Political Platform for Voters, Politicians and Ballot Initiatives.


Stay informed about local activities, programs, events and services. KamunityCal is a local community calendar.

Black Ujama

Black Ujama is Social Collaboration Platform for Black African American Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to drive revenue and secure startup funding.

Rent ParTay

Social Rent Raffle Platform for those at risk of Evictions and homelessness


Casshey is a live geolocated and live remote sports and entertainment raffle application.

(Coming Soon)

HotBnS (Hotel Bed And Sexy) is a geolocated platforms that matches adults at the same hotel or nightclubs for companionship.

(Coming Soon)

Digital Flower Shop Platform that allows users buy digital flowers or create their own DaBouskay Shop add and sell digital flowers.

Aah Star
(Coming Soon)

Monetize Social Media Platform for Professional, Olympic and College Athletes, Star Enetratiners and their Fans.

(Coming Soon)

Gozarr is an affordable ride share for the rest of us.

Black African Coin
(Coming Soon)

Digital Currency for Cuptoopai Applications pegged 1 to 1 to the US Dollar.

(Coming Soon)

An educational support project design for encouraging students through a platform of talent hunt service.

Ohms Law
(Coming Soon)

Consumer and OEM Cybersecurity Software to detect hacking of hardware devices.